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Beginning a journey through horses in a new light

Day 1

As I leave AZ, I am reminded wonderful this world is each day. This journey started long ago yet, now is clearly awakening my senses. My heart, mind, body and soul is open to all options of potential that will show up. Expectations watch out as you no longer hold value,. Fear and guilt no long cloud the vision. The options are endless for this life leading ahead.

When I left my last job, I was embarking on healing through touch. Horses were my mode to start exploring with myofascial release course in Phoenix. On my way to Phoenix I was struck by the immense beauty of that area. My drive was early in the morning still dark out and the entire drive I watched the sun rise. The shape of the landscape appear, colors change, landscape change and what magnificent wonder in the colors in the sky as it went on. It was a rainbow across the entire horizon that blossomed as time went on! I want to experience this in more places in the world.

Business license application in, fees paid I had my plane ticket to go to NY to drive my Jeep back to AZ. The beauty of connection showed up! I reached out on Facebook about the journey and if anyone would like a visit on my way and I could offer some treatment on horses in exchange for stay. I am eternally grateful to those who volunteered their space for my trip. The number of those who have offered a lending hand I want to go to them all!

My first flight was from Arizona to Denver. As we near Denver the scene out the nearby window is mesmerizing! The desert is turning into mountain. Snow slowly building as we go into the Rockies. I glanced out the window across the aisle! Wow! Mountains galore! And snow capped as far as you can see. So while on one side of the plane you see desert blending with mountain the other the mountains stand tall and stretch to the sky.

This just filled my heart and soul with joy beyond compare. Until I am on the second flight from Denver to New York. The sun is setting and we are flying into the transition from day to night. The landscape is farms as far as the eye can see!! And there in the sky like it is painted is the day and night dancing with colors as they change hands.

This journey has already made some turns and new paths that I never could have imagined! It is more grand in life than in my head. This blog is to share my journey with you as it has offered so much to me so far maybe it will for you too.


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