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LIVING - From the Horse

What does it mean to truly live? Is there a wrong or right way? How do we know what living means to us? This is a personal question which is discovered deep within our individual self. To truly live, to pursue a life of our desire, one must look inside and be willing to see who we are and work to improve the quality that is projected when living. This is what I feel the horse is here to teach us. My hope is that over time I can share how horses have helped me with this journey and continue to do so every time I am around them.

My name is Michelle Wellman. I have been working with horses for 16 years and have loved them since the day I was born. Horses have always had a connection with my soul. Growing up I didn't know how they would be a part of my life, I just had a subconscious desire that they should.

In elementary and high school I would draw, write and play with toy horses, dreaming of the day I would ride one. All these years later I have had the immense pleasure of working with many of them and this blog is how I plan to give back to all the horses who have helped me along the way. If you observe and listen, a horse can teach you most of what you need to learn about life and about how to be a good human being. I still have much to learn from horses and will continue to listen often.

Keep an eye out for upcoming blog posts!

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